We’re meant to be

They said we’re not meant to be,

Our love for each other, society chose not to see,

They said our bond is unnatural,

Our togetherness is preposterous, so terribly immoral.

But you and I, we broke all bounds,

Ignored all criticisms,

Affection is all that counts,

We’re finally free of this cataclysm,

To nothing it amounts.

“You two can’t be together!”

“You both belong to the same gender!”

“What will people say? What are you trying to engender?”

“You’re a convict of god, you are his offender.”

What happened to human hearts, shouldn’t they be tender?

Society’s norms,

They make us blind,

Love comes in all forms,

And is of every kind,

Meaning in this,

Why is it so hard to find?

For my love for you,

Nothing is curative,

To you I will be true,

Your love works as an incentive.

I’d rather be bludgeoned to death,

If not in your arms,

Let anything pose a threat,

even society’s norms.

But you and I, we’re ironclad,

Even when times had gotten unimaginably bad,

We were sanguine, high hopefulness we had

We ignored society’s scepticism and accusations of being mad.

We were locked in orthodox chambers,

Where society posed as chains,

Although we were a cause of infuriation and anger,

From something we had a right on,

We chose not to refrain.

The elderly rejected us since ‘ethics’, got in the way,

On seeing us mothers kept their children, evidently away,

The youth fearing society,

had nothing to say,

They all mockingly said, “In a different direction they sway.”

But come has the day,

when personal choice,

Is given acceptance,

When people have their own voice,

And are not subjects of abhorrence.

Faltering homophobia,

A reason of our euphoria,

The end of dystopia,

the inception of utopia.

Society posed endless complexities,

Pin-pointed our peculiarities,

Insulted our individuality, accused

us of insanity,

Shunned homosexuality,

But, thankfully,

For a crime of which we’re not guilty,

We’ve finally been given amnesty.

by Shagun Sachar

Shagun Sachar, aka The Spectacled Brunette,  is a teenage writer who is passionate about social equality and is not shy to express it. She writes for her own blog, poeticgallimaufries.blog/, where she slays the ignorant!


The Order of Equality

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