Meet the Members

Akriti Shrivastava

Head of Publishing

IMG_4838.JPGAkriti Shrivastava is a seventeen-year-old K-Pop addict, who dabbles in the “occasional” creative writing and fangirling. She simultaneously identifies as an absolute science nerd and an avant-garde literary critic of the Werewolf Romance Genre. A walking and talking meme machine as well as a fierce protector of social justice, she can school bigots right back into the 1950s through her never-ending sass. An extroverted Mom Friend™ at heart, Akriti loves her children – ahem – doggos and her friends.

Harshita Shriyan

Founder, Head of Design

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Harshita Shriyan is an eighteen-year-old who has a strong inclination towards the liberal arts as well as accounting. She loves bombastic rap music, South Indian food, and has a penchant for aesthetic-or-die photography. God bless you if you are ever at the receiving end of one of her infamous eye rolls – few have lived to tell the tale. A vocal feminist, she openly speaks about matters like mental health, able-ism and the rights of minorities.

Navya Thakkar

Head of Communications

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.42.15 PMNavya Thakkar is a seventeen-year-old self-proclaimed music connoisseur and art lover. She’s that annoying kid who gets excited before math class and solves calculus problems before the teacher does. Navya is passionate about human rights and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, no matter who’s around. You can rely on her to cheer you up with her constant (had to slip in a math reference in here) smile. Want to feel like you’re not doing enough for university? Navya’s your girl.

Paroma Mehta

Head of Social Media


Paroma Mehta is a curious student, a firm believer in equality and an ambitious vegan feminist, who enjoys rap music and learning new things. Her personality traits? A feisty bawse who fluently speaks several languages – English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, French and Sarcasm. Her interests are not only confined to politics and reading, but extend to gaining knowledge of worldwide cultures, political stances, and varied literature.

Smriti Ghildiyal

Head of Editing

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Smriti Ghildiyal is a Hamilton-obsessed seventeen-year-old, who enjoys a good meme. She is multilingual and enjoys reading and analysing different forms of literature. In addition, she also loves social justice and champions the causes of LGBTQ+ equality as well as anti-racism passionately, through her writing on multiple platforms. A truly sweet human at heart, Smriti adores dogs and her friends.